@BitterOldPunk /*grunts*, nods – 12:24 AM GMT
@matthetube eeurgh I bet. I at least got a couple stumps cut down first today. one more to go, then sizing it all down. – 12:25 AM GMT
@mubay i’ve never noticed it but unless the refresh is all at once it would be an expected result – 12:27 AM GMT
Backup fire in case I run out of propane. pic.twitter.com/gv4MLo5gcK – 01:32 AM GMT
Woah! Ethan Phillips is in the Momma Troi/Ferengi episode! – 02:14 AM GMT
RT: @levarburton: At the AMC in Century City for #BESTOFBOTHWORLDS#StarTrek#onenightonly – 02:47 AM GMT
Less talk. More synthahol. – 03:13 AM GMT
@mubay @fireland /slams mug to plexiglas table – 01:16 PM GMT
RT: @JoeTheDough: And with one last modification, my new iPhone is ready to go. pic.twitter.com/VydHs7wdqA – 01:21 PM GMT
the Surface Pro review you’ve been waiting for, I think. If you’re me. jonathancase.net/my-transition-… (tl;dr – still no pressure sensitivity in CS) – 03:40 PM GMT
@hell0jed @arthurwyatt Gotta give Manga Studio a spin. My holy grail is steel-nib emulation, unsure they’ll have it, but at least: inkish! – 03:52 PM GMT
@phoebenorth obv F due to poor question phrasing. give yourself a perfect score. – 03:55 PM GMT
MAN THINGS V: chainsaw fixed. Logs logged. sawdust and brush done cleaned up. – 09:29 PM GMT
@tclancy delightful! what PM does not love defeaturization! Goal added, goal accomplished, labor hours, zero! – 09:42 PM GMT
@manwhoyells no, the chain was in good shape still. – 09:46 PM GMT
@esinclai your favorite! – 11:42 PM GMT
RT: @Astro_Box: When we return back to Ellington in T-38, we often fly the Columbia arrival in honor of the fallen STS-107 crew. pic.twitter.com/sYxjWSQczP – 11:45 PM GMT