@poupou you gotta be billin on that – 12:22 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm “tea”. – 02:02 AM GMT
@Ufog beware the giant hounds that travel between the dimensions – 02:03 AM GMT
Dream of Karel just now. At a goodbye party; he and his GF apparently split town fir NYC tomorrow; then, after that, maybe back to Prague. – 08:38 AM GMT
Guess he’s been dead about five years now. Seems like it was this time of year, so, thank you, brain, dreammaster, what have you. – 08:39 AM GMT
New policy: snarky Amanda Palmer tweeters earn a time out. There are other people to make fun of, like me, while I can’t hear you. – 06:59 PM GMT
RT: @bbcbubblegutz: my twitter feed seems to have more outrage at Amanda Palmer than at the guy that killed three people and injured 282 others – 07:01 PM GMT
@sculpin once you get that treadle going, it just wears your hip right out! – 07:11 PM GMT
@manwhoyells @moniguzman Manny means “@scalzi”. Redshirts, btw, is great, well worth a read. – 09:45 PM GMT
More man stuff: more light electrical, pruning, edging. Sore. – 09:46 PM GMT
tedonitis, arthritis, and yardwork :: thermodynamics, global warming, and the industrial age. – 10:12 PM GMT