@esinclai @landlockedmusic @stevesilverst neat! Has Manion finally started digitizing his archive? – 12:21 AM GMT
@deathmtn @BitterOldPunk ding ding ding – 12:23 AM GMT
@manwhoyells well yes but gotta feed the baby, hitting refresh does not do that – 12:26 AM GMT
@poupou is it less than a year old? go trade it in for a new one at the Apple Store. More? You do mobile UI; buy one and write it off. – 12:30 AM GMT
More snow – 02:04 AM GMT
Commander Kern is such a hardass. “This *ligature* is an insult to Klingon… HONOR. Hand me your cicero ruler, ensign.” – 02:37 AM GMT
@jkonrath you need to apply euphemism upgrade to the copy – 02:58 AM GMT
RT: @AustinJenkinsN3: False Washington Driver Licenses for the CIA? #waleg m.nwnewsnetwork.org/?utm_referrer=… – 03:00 AM GMT
Klingon grannies wear ratty ol bathrobes – with spinal armor! – 03:09 AM GMT
@paolobacigalupi writing in a baseball stadium during day games, can you deduct the ticket? – 07:46 PM GMT
@poupou better than Monday, I think – 07:56 PM GMT
@poupou i got your sunshine righcheer pic.twitter.com/FaOPVo9xn1 – 08:21 PM GMT
@poupou oh yeah? is that a thing these days? how’s the chef? – 08:22 PM GMT