@arthurwyatt worthy of investigation! – 12:33 AM GMT
“@craniac: I now learn about new bands from Prairie Home Companion. #old” @gjcharlet Old Crow Medicine Show was that band for me. – 03:48 AM GMT
Google Reader: closing credits roll. mwhybark.newsblur.com/story/the-peop… – 05:59 AM GMT
Note to self: do not be fooled by accidentally viewed SNL reruns that do not suck. SNL: still sucks. – 07:04 AM GMT
@kcfennessy I concur! I think it’s because of the record title (“The Heist”) in conjunction with the film’s subject. – 03:35 PM GMT
nytimes.com/2013/04/11/wor… // Article notes that TEPCO still sucks two years on, basically. Comedic in its restraint. – 03:45 PM GMT