apparently Camus wrote a thesis on Plotinus and St. Augustine, a task to which I was also set by one of my most challenging and rewarding professors, Shahira Davezac.

Her insistence on a higher-page-count reading list of only (or, at least, English translations of) primary Classical sources, no glosses, no pop retellings, was daunting as shit. I am so, so glad I hacked through all that hairy underbrush. It drove me to a wider, nonspecialist reading of Classicist materials as well as to a skill in close reading which I have had little academic need since acquiring it.

That skill has actually been terribly useful in learning code-related stuff as well as in verbal dispute (a place where it frankly serves the individual but not the polity).

I wonder if Camus’ thesis has been translated. I would love to read it but even his lucid, plain French can exceed my grasp on the page de temps en temps.

Last night I dreamt in French for a significant period of time. Can’t imagine why.


Tonight is the third night in a row that a 1pm NBP game in Sendai, the Softbank Hawks v the Rakuten Eagles, has been widely reflected to the gettin’ places. The Eagles, who ended spring training in the cellar and who lost every game in their opening series, have handily, authoritatively even, beaten the Hawks in games one and two of the stand. It looks cold and windy in Sendai, much like own own chilly spring.

As I write this, it is the bottom of the fourth, Eagles up 2-1, Hawks at bat, one man on first, no outs, new batter up. If Tanaka has seen any action in this stand I have missed it.

I was happy to see his former teammate Iwakuma both in action as a reliever against the Colorado Rockies in the last televised spring training game for the Mariners last week and on the 25-man roster for the start of the US season today. Ken and I are headed to the first Sunday game, hopefully we can waylay the guy at the bullpen for an autograph and a pic.

In the time it took me to write that, the Eagles finished off the Hawks and are back at bat. I realize this is the first home stand and all, but yay!