can you dig it?… – 04:53 AM GMT
@manwhoyells @mubay it’s the cloud. – 04:53 AM GMT
Doublebooked: A) day/night trip to small mountain ersatz Bohemian village for Xmas shit B) Scratch Acid reunion gig. Quien es mas macho? – 04:58 AM GMT
@manwhoyells did I ever tell you how fish sauce is actually an ancient Roman condiment? Garum. For reals. – 04:59 AM GMT
@neilhimself but do you know the tale of Osiris Claus? – 05:01 AM GMT
@bradleystein you ok? is this a parent thing? – 05:02 AM GMT
@bradleystein oops, got it. reverse-order tweets are a PITA. Sorry to hear about your dad. – 05:04 AM GMT
wife mockin mah inaudible suthun indiana accen – 05:08 AM GMT
@manwhoyells ugh, we have multiple abandoned lists that the CSRs can’t delete which are associated with dead email accounts. – 05:33 AM GMT
@manwhoyells @Danelope… – 05:36 AM GMT
my grandfather taught me a complicated egg dish involving toast and white gravy, starting with a roux. Different from link, somehow related. – 05:38 AM GMT
Boy cat apparently caught and then released either the damn lawn gopher or a rat early this morning. He usually kills rats, so I gotta look. – 06:23 PM GMT