odd to casually watch a football game on TV broadcast from the first place I likely ever saw one. – 02:32 AM GMT
I have more memories of the area nearby than of the stadium. – 02:32 AM GMT
oh man, listening to 78s on the Victrola by the the fire, hell yes – 04:22 AM GMT
especiatively – 06:38 AM GMT
@hell0jed The German art school, the Seattle coffeeshop, the band, or a general pop culture reference to the art school? – 06:46 AM GMT
If only someone would launch a flash game for facebook where a teashop is a frontend for Obamacare health exchange analyses – 06:48 AM GMT
a twelve year old solves the whole in twenty minutes, everyone gets free health care – 06:49 AM GMT
then Orson Scott Card sues, and the economy collapses. – 06:50 AM GMT
@hell0jed They are moving too! We were just a block away at that place we met. – 05:11 PM GMT
@hell0jed bauhauscoffee.net – 05:12 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt it is said that in the heavens dwell great lords who dwell between the stars. when we hear the great booming from on high … – 11:43 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt …it is the sound of their speech, with which they travel from star to star. The word of the void, rolling into our minds. – 11:47 PM GMT
RT: @macklemore: This is what happens when you hire an Irish dude to play the accordion and he gets into the greenroom whisk… vine.co/v/hnIYLv1WVEt – 11:48 PM GMT
RT: @BustaBusta: @IAMLILBUB I’m in Chicago and mentioned I live in Bloomington at a store and the clerk went “Bloomington IN..THATS WHERE LIL BUB IS FROM!!” – 11:48 PM GMT