@middleclasstool i’m stoked I know what the term means when it sure seems likely you just brained that right out – 02:19 AM GMT
the sky tonight, she nice – 02:20 AM GMT
@middleclasstool @JoeTheDough right, flippy finger the Brits, i’m colonial, wotcher dawg yo. Kermy’s Murican too. – 02:24 AM GMT
@middleclasstool @JoeTheDough wouldn’t this be the second time you done a twitter runner like? or was that someone else? – 02:25 AM GMT
RT: @frankrogan: Ben Affleck is the new Batman? That’s wicked cool. – 02:26 AM GMT
but wubbout the micronauts movie? – 02:27 AM GMT
@middleclasstool @JoeTheDough i think. someone credited Joe with a gag here, he’d forgot, thought it was you. I was, you know, vernacularing – 02:29 AM GMT
@kcfennessy well… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batman/Al…it’s not a pelicula but the papers obviously got signed. so I think the answer is we can. – 02:32 AM GMT
@kcfennessy en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superman_…makes me think possibly you weren’t pulling names outen a mask – 02:34 AM GMT
@kcfennessy youtube.com/watch?v=sQWyJy…fan film, which YAAAY, but! Darn. – 02:35 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @mcgee_gorgo @Kevin_Church you brits and your mastery of furrin tongues – 04:18 AM GMT
finally a half-hour for Neko – 04:19 AM GMT
@poupou aww. i thought about making up an excuse to get in yr ‘hood this AM. ten days, i’ll follow up. – 04:21 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt “out OF the park”. I resolve to take you this coming moon cycle. – 04:26 AM GMT
Right. Neko good. We all knew that already. – 04:59 AM GMT
epic dozy dream of milt caniff unipanel dailies circa 1955, two weeks worth – 06:52 AM GMT
wholly abstract, each labeled with a detail of a naval battle – 06:53 AM GMT
like “long range shells plummet into South China Sea by the USS Foobar” and the frame is just washes and whiteout – 06:54 AM GMT
but, you know, AD by Milt Caniff so in essence Turner or Whistler fifty years on for daily repro and such. – 06:56 AM GMT
one of those dozy dreams where you know an amazing thing could have happened but – 06:57 AM GMT
@iasshole he’ll be back – 07:00 AM GMT
@kerihw @alan_maguire Timothy Dalton. Kirk Douglas. – 07:03 AM GMT
@alan_maguire @JoeTheDough no, that guy was the Phantom. I think. Was it Prince? this stuff is getting verray confusing. – 07:19 AM GMT
Frankie! Freda! just found you in the lists. Hi! Miss you both, hope all is well. – 07:24 AM GMT
@deathmtn bugs me! – 03:45 PM GMT
@deathmtn inline comments being the exception. – 03:46 PM GMT
@deathmtn i think it was an early-web faux pas, longdoc dumps with head tags instead of pagination. – 04:20 PM GMT
@hell0jed @arthurwyatt let’s, i’ll be avail 3rd to 5th – 07:13 PM GMT