@LeavittAlone yes and – 07:10 AM GMT
couldn’t finish autoimmune disorder thing in new yorker. our culture cannot communicate on a basis of facts. the article is a case in point. – 07:31 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm isn’t that an obvious payola / spam crossover? that’s launch spam 101 on Amazon, eBay, and books by Newt Gingrich. no joke. – 11:41 PM GMT
@poupou I’ll be one! – 11:44 PM GMT
@hell0jed enh, Surface Pro looks like the way to go for now. local CL full of new 128/256 at 700-900, give or take. ships with wacom. – 11:49 PM GMT
@ardaniel @hell0jed good call. @FRENDEN, looking over those MS brush demo RTs, I do not see a chisel point steel nib. L’il help? – 11:58 PM GMT