Ma-kun up for the NBP pitching win streak record tonight! By gum, I may stay up for it! – 02:04 AM GMT
RT: @surlygourmand: Time for some rye whiskey you fucking people. – 02:14 AM GMT
hm, pizza and Porco Rosso sounds delightful – 02:27 AM GMT
I feel like Dave Bowman. – 03:02 AM GMT
(Off-camera: 5th season TNG episode, dog, house, city, biome) – 03:04 AM GMT
oh, jesus, it’s the Picard-in-the-elevator-with-kids episode. – 03:20 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt it’s the 9-11 episode of TNG – 04:07 AM GMT
@GlennF don’t have a heart attack man – 05:29 AM GMT
Things we all think: 1. Avoid any interaction with law enforcement – 06:36 AM GMT
2. Avoid any interaction with the health care system; it’s better to die – 06:37 AM GMT
3. Never use the internet or cell phones – 06:37 AM GMT
4. Only go to college is someone else pays – 06:38 AM GMT
Seems like the country has a bright future! – 06:38 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm hell yes. Deniese Self turned me on to that when I worked for her. mind blowing record. – 03:29 PM GMT