@GlennF @nytimes well, except for today – 02:40 AM GMT
@GlennF passive house, passive-aggressive weather. geez. – 02:43 AM GMT
@GlennF likewise bunky. keep healin’! – 02:44 AM GMT
Facebook is terrible because it shows me random snippets of acquaintance’s lives that I find boring, and then … – 02:57 AM GMT
… does the same for snippets from the lives long lost acquaintances with very different lives. – 02:58 AM GMT
Just now, a high school skater punk buddy who was in the states from Venezuela during his parents grad school popped up. – 02:59 AM GMT
He settled on being a Venezuelan federal cop after his military service. So he’s a socialist SWAT dude who lived in the US as a teenager. – 03:01 AM GMT
That is mind-blowing and so, so interesting. The FB thing that popped up? Him playing dominos with his sweet as pie granddaughters. – 03:02 AM GMT
What a badass. – 03:02 AM GMT
@phirephoenix ha ha no, when he popped up the first time I was all “DOOOOOD LOL DOOOOD” and likewise. – 03:05 AM GMT
@phirephoenix We were only pals for a couple years but I lived in Latin American countries on and off as a kid so it was awesome … – 03:05 AM GMT
@phirephoenix … that he was in our, what, posse or whatever. – 03:06 AM GMT
@phirephoenix he was into military stuff even then so his life is more about his affinities than politics. – 03:07 AM GMT
@phirephoenix … which has actually meant I can ask him about cop stuff when I need to w/r/t my family, er, in-laws. – 03:08 AM GMT
@phirephoenix He was a good dude when he was seventeen. I firmly believe he remains so. – 03:09 AM GMT
@phirephoenix oh, just like what his SWAT training is like versus what he knows about US training, how politics affects info exchange – 03:11 AM GMT
@phirephoenix but like limited by language to an extent and medium, so short questions and answers – 03:12 AM GMT
@phirephoenix AFAI can tell, US SWAT units get access to a whole lot more toys, and are less centralized. But I’m talking out of school here – 03:13 AM GMT
@phirephoenix anyway. thank you FB, for the gems amidst your annoyances. – 03:15 AM GMT
RT: @kcfennessy: Today’s warm bath of Seattle weather reminds me of summers spent in Hartford, CT in the ’70s. That is not a compliment. – 03:21 AM GMT
@kcfennessy on the other hand, look at Twain’s output there in the summer. No, don’t, it’s just depressing. – 03:22 AM GMT
@LeVostreGC ooh, by my ould gaffer – 04:28 AM GMT
Dog knew when she was near, went to the door about ten minutes before she arrived. – 04:43 AM GMT
Miyakazki’s “The Wind Rises,” about the designer of the Zero. YES. io9.com/hayao-miyazaki… – 04:50 AM GMT
@DanEngler “The Berkshire Room in Chicago offers a cocktail involving bourbon, coffee, and macerated pipe tobacco.” dear lord. no. – 05:16 AM GMT
@manwhoyells @DanEngler ugh, only to persons innocent of macerated anything tobacco – 05:28 AM GMT
@manwhoyells @DanEngler and by the grey hairs on my chinny chin chin I’m confident I have more experiences of that than ye bowf of yez – 05:30 AM GMT
@manwhoyells @DanEngler mmm, bottled chaw juice for vapin’: thevaporpro.com/usa-virginia-t… – 05:32 AM GMT
That said, on general principles I am in favor of introducing horrifying, taboo substances as a cocktail ingrediment. Swamp silt. – 05:34 AM GMT
Reduction of seaweed. Salmon milt. Clam juice. Coca-Cola. Sea urchin oil. And so on. But, hunh, chaw tea? No. – 05:36 AM GMT
@LeVostreGC I will make a pilgrimage to Caunterbuyre and place an arret upon these crimens of langue! It will take but ten or twelve more! – 05:38 AM GMT
@DanEngler @manwhoyells naw, that’s sugar and milk with some leaves innit – 05:39 AM GMT
@christy_ms well, I’ll try to keep you apprised of SEA screenings. I’d be VERY surprised if there wasn’t an MoF event for it. Taggin’ on FB – 05:45 AM GMT
@DanEngler @manwhoyells don’t you talk smack about my (carda) mom! – 05:48 AM GMT
@sculpin IT IS CTHULU – 06:54 AM GMT
counterpoint to Miyazaki from Ask A Korean: askakorean.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-go… mwhybark.newsblur.com/story/the-good… – 08:02 AM GMT
@sculpin vimeo.com/9880377 “They are the most horrifying, cannibalistic and nightmarish creatures in the world.” – 08:05 AM GMT
@esinclai I have not! – 02:51 PM GMT
@GlennF I woke up chuckling about the correction to the passive house article – seems the story originally named the owners as the Richies. – 02:52 PM GMT
@hell0jed wow. GH is a hard slog up to Seattle proper, but that is a sweet spot. – 03:21 PM GMT