attn @jebbanner… – 01:28 AM GMT
@jebbanner @SmallBox well, first, the poor muthafucka. That is sad as hell. – 01:49 AM GMT
@jebbanner @SmallBox second, looking at the exposed faces we can see: a lot of shovelware or whatever you call undistinguished MCM sides – 01:50 AM GMT
@jebbanner @SmallBox third; given the pix, it should be possible to doublecheck the rough count. Anyone could then plug in a gem % estimate. – 01:51 AM GMT
@jebbanner … so even if you take a 1% ratio and accept the count at no-hype, that’s 2,500 rarities. And honestly, I would guess it higher. – 01:54 AM GMT
@jebbanner nobody gets that tipped over, I think, without a base of knowledge. So I bet there are more than 2,500 worthwhile sides there. – 01:55 AM GMT
@jebbanner right, I would guess they are deliberately holding some specific pix. – 01:56 AM GMT
@jebbanner that reminds me, did you see this?… (1/2) – 01:58 AM GMT
@jebbanner pix // Thousands of NIB shoes dating to 1940s-early 1960s. Thousands of pairs. – 01:59 AM GMT
@jebbanner hm, fair enough. Hard for me to make a call on resale, for sure. but that is someone who did nothing for years but buy sides. – 02:01 AM GMT
@jebbanner I bet! – 02:01 AM GMT
@jebbanner @johnpstrohm it really is, isn’t it? I would guess every pair in the box has a long-term value of $100 or more, sold right. – 02:02 AM GMT
@jebbanner interesting, might have picked and sold to fund and then replowed. that makes sense, in a sad and OCD way. – 02:03 AM GMT
@jebbanner I have a buddy that picked as an indie Amazon reseller on DVDs and Laserdiscs(!). He says that’s all done now, makes sense. – 02:07 AM GMT
@matthewbaldwin have you tried the thunderdome lately? sure, the odds of getting out are 50/50 and all but – 02:14 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt ///!i%… – 04:52 PM GMT
highly disappointed in the lack of ‘series of tubes’ jokes in the wake of hyperloop revelation – 06:16 PM GMT