@GlennF maybe we can go on a discovery and research trip to Ithaca for um work – 05:25 AM GMT
Freddie, 1986, shot by another friend. pic.twitter.com/d9ipsLUV0N – 05:29 AM GMT
Day of hours engaging with the American landscape and roadways was so well-spent. Cascadia is the place, but our road is just like Kansas. – 05:43 AM GMT
@sara_clarke the James Blish (with JA Lawrence in unclear portiin) episode adaptations of TOS. Bantam PBs, 1969-1980 at a minimum. – 06:38 AM GMT
@praguepainter well, Freddie died at least ten years after Sid but I appreciate your noting the Swollen Foot classicist thing. – 06:39 AM GMT
@praguepainter shit son I could have introduced you to Freddie if I had had the insight. it’s beyond me and i fucking HATE IT when it’s thus – 06:41 AM GMT
@praguepainter oh my god dude just sitting on the porch the chord changes were straight endorphin shots – 06:43 AM GMT
@praguepainter again, awesome insight, totally new xray on this tale. where have you been my last 20 years? no wait I actually know – 06:44 AM GMT
@praguepainter MIDLIFE CRYSIS – 06:45 AM GMT
@NekoCase rise above we gonna rise above – 06:49 AM GMT
@praguepainter well, it was pretty locals only. I’m not sure I’d look at LW age 20 and say “suburban, straight-laced.” – 06:58 AM GMT
@praguepainter ha ha well turtles get nice bridges then. I think I’ve told you, there’s a bton guy settled in Prague. – 07:00 AM GMT
@praguepainter Noah Lucas, Harmony kid. runs a bar and a hostel. I will hook you up if you want. – 07:01 AM GMT
@praguepainter AND (also I know I mentioned this) my darling fuckup and dead man of a guitarist and depressed motherfucker Karel Trubac – 07:02 AM GMT
@praguepainter was from Prague and oh my love for him could not save him from himself. the fucking artist. – 07:03 AM GMT
@praguepainter AWES i will at least make sure he knows you are tribe then – 07:04 AM GMT
@praguepainter post crosspost on FB, hope it’s joyful. Noah is thoughtful but has always been action oriented. His bro Austin is working … – 07:11 AM GMT
@praguepainter … a country crossover punk music career, was just in Prague. Their pop Bob Lucas was a regional seventies singer-songwriter. – 07:12 AM GMT
@praguepainter Bob: boblucasmusic.com Austin: austinlucasmusic.com – 07:14 AM GMT
@praguepainter I actually really dig Austin’s stuff. 2nd gen boho, I guess. – 07:15 AM GMT
@praguepainter totally. his name means TRUMPETER, and arrrgh. He was a goddamn pain in the ass drugged up sad baby who was also a genius. – 07:18 AM GMT
@praguepainter I can’t save drugged-up sad baby genii. The baby’s the one what’s gotta chuck the bottle of sad. He couldn’t. Still sad. – 07:19 AM GMT
Here’s a 21st century irritation. My parents visited recently. they were here and in Yakima over about a week. – 07:34 AM GMT
Yakima is their hometown. Among other things, when there they try to visit this speciality butcher, The Matterhorn. maps.google.com/maps?safe=off&… – 07:37 AM GMT
The Matterhorn specializes in N. European-style cured meats, like a Germanic counterpart to Salumi. My fave thing there is a cured beef. – 07:39 AM GMT
“Bunderfliesch” in some German-speaking parts of the works and “viande secheé” in French-speaking Alpine areas. “Meat candy,” some say. – 07:41 AM GMT
Anyway, the folks brought back a pound of this, sliced into sub-mm pieces. I wanted to review, rate, suggest, and reccommend! – 07:43 AM GMT
but since this is a deli and not a restaurant, it is effectively invisible. To be clear: this place is as legit and amazing as Salumi. But. – 07:45 AM GMT
No Urbanspoon, no Yelp. er, that I found. – 07:45 AM GMT
video reportage from that slum tower in Venezuela. Attn @arthurwyatt vocativ.com/08-2013/the-wo… – 03:59 PM GMT
on iOS @mubay lulz – 04:46 PM GMT