@BoringPostcards @BitterOldPunk my condolences to you Eastern football fans in this matter – 01:18 AM GMT
@editor_b ew – 01:19 AM GMT
RT: @NedRaggett: Oh good GOD RT @carynrose the photo that defines “Pretentious Sting Photo” RT @maggieserota: #tbt pic.twitter.com/FJLr8juovz – 01:21 AM GMT
@sugarfreak when the sun greets the dawn – 01:24 AM GMT
@LeavittAlone /pinches man on cheek, pats on head – 01:25 AM GMT
@Ihnatko ANDY ANDY ANDY serious, check it out: moto-x.bandcamp.com (80s indie band named Moto-X) – 01:28 AM GMT
It has come to my attention that there is a phone usurping a beloved band name: moto-x.bandcamp.com – 01:29 AM GMT
@phoebenorth Monarch? purty. – 01:30 AM GMT
busy day! incoming facetime experience in 3, 2, 1 – 01:38 AM GMT
@phoebenorth my MIL harvests and hatches monarchs from her garden in coastal SoCal. She has a chrysalis aquarium. – 04:30 AM GMT
@sara_clarke subtle it aint – 05:54 AM GMT
@zusty @wasta class analysis of protagonists (hint, not usual Hollywood stuff): meandrous.tumblr.com/post/569878681… – 06:20 AM GMT
@zusty @wasta observations on role of male lead as center of film’s emotional intelligence: grimalkina.tumblr.com/post/562037791… – 06:21 AM GMT
@zusty @wasta without overselling it, by all means go. It is exactly what it is. Then you realize the actual place from which it comes. – 06:25 AM GMT
@wasta @zusty GWARRRARRRR SMAKA SMASHYSMASH EIIIIKKKKRAW like that? Also i <3 silents so YES – 06:36 AM GMT
@wasta @zusty also fun to consider undersea monsters from other dimension in light of GdT’s stillborn Cthulu flick – 06:38 AM GMT
RT: @wonderchicken: I Hate Banks wp.me/p3bdBN-Gw – 12:54 PM GMT
attn @LeavittAlone & @DanEngler: themojomanifesto.com – 12:55 PM GMT
@wasta @zusty incorrect! it was delightful and has gotten better as I have thunk upon it. ymmv. – 03:16 PM GMT
@wasta @zusty … although (obvs) yes, better than a Michael Bay film – 03:18 PM GMT