ugh, what a day. lawn mowed, leaves blown, new sink bought, new medicine cabinet installed, tub clog in process, old medicine cabinet rehung – 12:53 AM GMT
@billbarol oh yeah, birth razors are the new black – 12:57 AM GMT
@matthetube no, it ain’t that old! Although its new neighbor in the basement pooperia is that old, 1967. Still lacks the slot, though. – 01:00 AM GMT
.@ardaniel @arthurwyatt w00t SEEKRIT PROJECT REBEALED um revealed – 01:11 AM GMT
@matthetube as one assumes would be the case in a police station, which would employ potpourri in the po-po pooperia – 01:15 AM GMT
@gjcharlet are you gonna eat your toast? – 01:11 PM GMT