@mcgee_gorgo how many reasons do you want? is there a historicist time limit? Here’s one, which may contain all others: Ronald Reagan. – 12:01 AM GMT
@RbtKing @ericweddle I don’t even know where to start. Your premise appears to be that without faith patrols there would be war. Try again? – 12:13 AM GMT
@RbtKing @ericweddle and even though there will be faith patrols, war might yet go down. Also, Black Expo. – 12:14 AM GMT
@RbtKing @ericweddle don’t live in Indy. I grew up in Indiana. I am sure you don’t intend your words to carry the freight they do to me. – 12:17 AM GMT
@RbtKing @ericweddle I’m aware there’s been a raft of shootings affecting and mostly involving black residents of Indianapolis this year. – 12:19 AM GMT
@RbtKing @ericweddle I’m guessing your tweet previews black church-affiliated outreach groups seeking to encourage black and urban kids… – 12:21 AM GMT
@RbtKing @ericweddle to, like, not shoot each other w/ specific respect to a primarily black event, Black Expo. Reporting this is important. – 12:22 AM GMT
@RbtKing @ericweddle but the phrasing of the tweet presumes failure of the effort and casts that failure as war. Please make a note of it. – 12:24 AM GMT
And in conclusion, arrgh. – 12:25 AM GMT
@ericweddle @RbtKing fair enough, absolutely correct. hadn’t heard the word in that context due to distance from Indy. Thanks for followup. – 02:49 AM GMT
Viv is rocking KOTOR on her iPad and has lost patience with the made-up-language girl. – 03:23 AM GMT
@mathowie AAAAUGH – 03:23 AM GMT
I think i hafta go lie in the grass. it is the heart of the year. – 03:35 AM GMT
wait possibly the correct course of action is to lie in the grass reading Little Nemo sunday pages – 03:37 AM GMT
@johnmoe you are totally neglecting “Welcome Back, Kotter” in this analysis. – 05:19 AM GMT
@ericweddle i do see you tweet on these as they go by, running from site to site. hard part of your job, I bet. – 05:30 PM GMT