@BitterOldPunk seconded, save the swearing fit I had at news-thirty while cooking. – 05:27 AM GMT
@whybark you got it. we had a sweet salmon grill up here over the evening, mmmmm. – 05:29 AM GMT
@esinclai well done! – 05:31 AM GMT
@DanEngler NOTE: treatment for “The Charm” must be slated – 05:34 AM GMT
@NekoCase kudos on the inventive imagery, woe is me later when it pops up in my head as I drift off – 05:51 AM GMT
@NekoCase hey now! – 06:08 AM GMT
Askakorean followup to prior source story. mwhybark.newsblur.com/story/cultural… – 06:26 AM GMT
argh, newsblur not sharing to twitter as expected – 06:31 AM GMT
Counterpoint to pilot training stories: askakorean.blogspot.com/2013/07/cultur… – 06:33 AM GMT
@kathrynschulz @arthurwyatt Art, there’s a Russian Night Witch plane up in Everett at the Paul Allen Collection. – 06:34 AM GMT
@kathrynschulz @arthurwyatt kirkland.patch.com/groups/local-c… // main pic: the plane. – 06:35 AM GMT
@kathrynschulz @arthurwyatt great pic! nytimes.com/imagepages/201… – 06:37 AM GMT
@KevinCarson1 @arthurwyatt fantastic! – 07:24 AM GMT
RT: @KevinCarson1: Read Vaka Rangi blog for excellent reviews of Star Trek — the original series vakarangi.blogspot.com – 07:24 AM GMT
First post: “Vaka Rangi is an unauthorized post-structuralist critical history of Star Trek.” OH HELL YES mwhybark.newsblur.com/story/traversi… – 07:46 AM GMT
@DanEngler Hmmmm – 08:08 AM GMT
@DanEngler *rimshot* – 08:08 AM GMT
darn, those TOS crits are starting up at a lower-test grade of analytics than I was hoping for. But I’ll stick with it! – 08:11 AM GMT
@jackwilliambell good god! better luck for the rest of it. – 04:36 PM GMT
The confluence of that dude’s full-court cop-violence book flogging on Salon and the Martin verdict brought an anecdote to mind. – 10:43 PM GMT
Disclosure and background: I have old high-school buddies and in-laws who are cops. This is something I find very, very weird. – 10:44 PM GMT
That is because I had any number of negative interactions with police as an adolescent. Nothing heinous involving beatings or guns, mind. – 10:45 PM GMT
at any rate, my behavioral programming is to avoid interacting with the police if at all possible & to regard them as untrustworthy actors. – 10:46 PM GMT
So years ago, I was riding across town with my six-and-a-half-foot white buddy, who grew up on a farm in Washington State. Good dude. – 10:48 PM GMT
We pulled into our destination’s parking lot, and noticed a hubbub of thirty or so kids, all flocking around some sort of teenage face-off. – 10:50 PM GMT
Just as we were processing this, a Seattle police car turned into the lot and the kids all started to scatter. – 10:50 PM GMT
One kid turned away to run around the corner of the building. I saw him pull out a handgun. I shouted “He’s got a gun!” to my friend. – 10:52 PM GMT
My friend did not believe me at first. By the time I had convinced him, the kid had come back around the corner, sauntering exaggeratedly. – 10:54 PM GMT
It was obvious he’d ditched the gun in case he got frisked. My buddy, now convinced of the gun, stepped out of his car and waved his arms. – 10:55 PM GMT
The cop noticed and looked at us. My buddy pointed at the corner of the building and THEN WENT INTO A SHOOTER’S CROUCH AIMING AT THE COP. – 10:55 PM GMT
I yelled “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING” and tried to jump on his arms to knock them down, passing between the cop and my buddy as I did so. – 10:56 PM GMT
He turned to me, angry and confused that, from his perspective, I had just tried to attack him. We had an animated and profane conversation. – 10:57 PM GMT
Lots of pointing and yelling. The cop seemed to have actually processed his pantomime as intended, THANK GOD, and went to check the corner. – 10:58 PM GMT
She emerged with the gun held carefully away from her side, and we decided we were good to go, so we drove off, still yelling at each other. – 11:00 PM GMT
I literally couldn’t believe he felt so confident in his interaction with the officer that he could literally drop into a shooter’s stance. – 11:01 PM GMT
He couldn’t believe that I regard police officers as a deadly threat to avoid. It was, and remains, an amazing and scary memory. – 11:02 PM GMT
…and *scene.* – 11:03 PM GMT
Best one so far. mwhybark.newsblur.com/story/everythi… – 11:43 PM GMT
hmm, tad hungy. wanting greek food, a cuisine I am not master of. – 11:57 PM GMT
@elizarde serious, can you imagine? He was legit MAD at me. – 11:58 PM GMT