oh twittor – 02:13 AM GMT
@gjcharlet GJ. oh man. – 02:15 AM GMT
@mubay eff yes – 02:18 AM GMT
@NekoCase the best, man, those books are so good. advice: don’t love him, he doesn’t know his own mind, – 03:00 AM GMT
RT: @kristyvalenti: First thought: go Wendy Davis; second, don’t mess with Texa(n women); third was I wish Jaxon could make a comic about it – 03:01 AM GMT
“@CarrotTopRecord: The Handsome Family + Sean Rowe | Slipper Room | Time Out New York 6/27, 6/29timeout.com/newyork/music/…” attn @LeavittAlone – 03:02 AM GMT
I <3 new Flickr because I seem to have uploaded every digital pic I ever took to it before an HD crash years ago, and now I have them back – 05:54 AM GMT
full-on robot apocalypse dream: cars growing spider legs, ladders walking like men, street signs swaying down to snap like tentacles – 02:32 PM GMT
Buses burned and full of charred corpses continuing their routes. people refusing to take money and insisting on barter. – 02:34 PM GMT
@matthewbaldwin SONUVA – 05:19 PM GMT
@matthewbaldwin fwiw weatherunderground does not substantiate the forecast. so we have that slim ray of hope. – 05:27 PM GMT
@esinclai best if by boombox – 11:22 PM GMT
@esinclai hm, I should reply direct for maximum amusement – 11:22 PM GMT
a rattlesnake. fuck you releaser shitheads. – 11:35 PM GMT
i fucking hate lc coined abbrev acronymist hashstags #smh – 11:45 PM GMT
ICMYI i fucking hate coined abbrev lc hashtags #smh #icmyi – 11:47 PM GMT