At this time tomorrow, if all goes well, I will be talking to my mother for the first time ever. More about this after that. – 02:17 AM GMT
Business cards from another era:… – 02:32 AM GMT
oh yeah, back to doing this: – 04:18 AM GMT
@gjcharlet “At night, crowds of people will gather in the street and not move, Dunn said.” Waiting for “Get Lucky”? Night zombies? – 12:51 PM GMT
@wasta hey, me too! I find it helps with my concentration. – 03:53 PM GMT
@poupou @wasta my back is ramrod straight! – 05:55 PM GMT
@poupou @wasta aubrey is NOT on my lap, I swear – 05:56 PM GMT
ugh, like twenty minutes of beachball – 06:12 PM GMT
@pronoiac @arthurwyatt that is some fine retkhanning. APPROVED by this office of Starfleet Nitpicker General for subspace release – 06:19 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt @pronoiac on the order of every ten minutes – 06:20 PM GMT
The rage that robocalls provoke is quite remarkable – 06:27 PM GMT
@pronoiac @arthurwyatt no fist shaking due to spoilers here! the fist shaking was at JJ, for being a dumbass. – 06:35 PM GMT
@pronoiac @arthurwyatt also the image of the kahntainers echoes Moon, which I rather like – 06:36 PM GMT
@manwhoyells Bridge, totally – 07:18 PM GMT
@pronoiac @arthurwyatt i’ve done all i kahn. – 07:24 PM GMT
@whybark Buckman a pup? We’re kinda not downtown but we have a room, a cat, and a dog. Need to check with Viv, but think of us as an option! – 11:31 PM GMT