ATC is like FUCK IT let’s cover PRISM Friday because a) how is this news b) we dealt with the Meta-Data comprehensively today c) who cares – 12:00 AM GMT
@iasshole seems early to marry her off like that but congrats – 12:00 AM GMT
to be fair, it’s only 5pm out here. so possibly they won’t run the 3pm hour again at 6pm. I mean, it could happen. – 12:02 AM GMT
@PRISM_NSA free access to our backups! – 12:03 AM GMT
@PRISM_NSA it’s always the mufackin GOP innit – 12:05 AM GMT
@NickKristof @brownpau the best part is that’s the NYT! HA HA HA HA – 12:07 AM GMT
YES! Top of the hour in depth on the Meta Data – 12:08 AM GMT
THE…. META….. DATA….. – 12:08 AM GMT
@poupou dxm – 01:50 AM GMT
@poupou have some zines: // lord I need to skin that – 01:51 AM GMT
@PRISM_NSA ha ha who’s following who now huh? – 01:53 AM GMT
RT: @ardaniel: guys guys come QUICK @EdwardTufte is fighting the PRISM deck – 01:56 AM GMT
@GlennF @danbenjamin see, there’s Marco’s grail app. The Five-percent Solution. – 03:55 AM GMT
RT: @TCrabtree83: .@NRA wheres a gun companie get the right to read whats on my phone?? u should be ashaimed ? Im taking a stand for #america#rights #privacey – 04:02 AM GMT
RT: @jwherrman: Bikes: evidence of a totalitarian state… Massive government data mining: ehhhh… – 04:03 AM GMT
RT: @NekoCase: HEY, LOOK!!! IT’S FINALLY DONE!! – 04:07 AM GMT
@NekoCase huzzah! – 04:07 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt i don’t know if it was so much striking a blow as getting his licks in. – 05:19 AM GMT
What genius names a data panopticon with an acronym that rhymes with “prison”? Isn’t this one of the reasons we don’t want this? Stupidity? – 05:29 AM GMT
hunh, no @PRISM_NSA coverage on the morning news yet. Nothing to see here, citizen. – 01:33 PM GMT
Had my first recall-on-awakening baseball dream overnight. The dastardly White Sox and their dogs overran my yard. – 01:35 PM GMT
Ah, @PRISM_NSA, there you are! They had you confused with the META DATA. An easy mistake. – 01:42 PM GMT
@esinclai @PRISM_NSA a bit. but the meat of the stories, unsurprisingly, since everyone in DC has been asleep, is on the phone stuff. – 01:43 PM GMT
@PRISM_NSA what would inbox zero look like for you, anyway? – 01:49 PM GMT
RT: @newscientist: Cold war nuclear bomb tests had an unexpected benefit: they’ve revealed #brain regeneration in humans – 01:50 PM GMT
RT: @ftrain: Getting the NSA to accept your data for a social network, that’s like getting the New Yorker to publish your fiction. – 01:52 PM GMT
RT: @dansinker: Wait, so Palantir, gov contractor and company named after the seeing stones of LOTR, has software called Prism? – 01:57 PM GMT
RT: @GlennF: Shareholder Q: “Are there any privacy implications with Google Glass?” A: “No. Guards! Seize his glasses!” – 02:59 PM GMT
RT: @Marcissist: LOLs forever RT @fmanjoo OMFG: Jonah Lehrer’s book proposal appears to plagiarize Adam Gopnik. – 04:46 PM GMT