@deathmtn dude, really? adios. – 12:15 AM GMT
@deathmtn message rec’d, much appreciated. Well done. – 02:52 AM GMT
Shoutout to .@deathmtn for well-executed internet miscommunication recovery. Thoughtful response, much appreciated. – 02:55 AM GMT
lessee now. baking, i think. maybe vacuuming. but i gotta code too. as soon as that starts everything else goes away. hm. – 04:08 PM GMT
@hell0jed also the swimming, and apparently the near-breathing – when he surfaces, he spits coins, iirc – 04:49 PM GMT
@matthetube as a fake doctor – 05:54 PM GMT
@matthewbaldwin they DO have the word “punk” in their name – 05:55 PM GMT
You know, if we’re paying for unlimited gummit backups of our schizz, shouldn’t we have access to it? The infrastructure’s there and funded. – 11:39 PM GMT
Joss Whedon, offhand citer of mothafuckin Juno Diaz. – 11:46 PM GMT
RT: @baconmeteor: Can’t believe the people who force-feed prisoners held without trial and operate secret torture facilities would snoop on my facebook feed – 11:57 PM GMT