Attorney neighbor’s four-foot unmowed lawn looks lovely in the setting sun. Still, wish he’d mow. He is busy. Better tease him more. – 01:33 AM GMT
oh, man, that evening breeze. – 01:47 AM GMT
@mubay what god did not? – 02:17 AM GMT
@ezrakilty i’m crabby because my self set work sked precludes the baseball day game tomorrow. the breeze will still be there though. – 04:12 AM GMT
@deathmtn somewhat, yes. he pulled out his no maintenance landscaping and immediately stopped working. so now there are weeds and rat cover. – 04:13 AM GMT
@deathmtn i’m more amused than anything. but every week I have to resist the desire to toss a match over there. – 04:14 AM GMT
@deathmtn and to be clear, the only thing I hate more than yard work is GW Bush the 3rd. – 04:17 AM GMT
@deathmtn I don’t live here by choice, but I have obligations to my neighbors, and that includes yard work. opting out says something. – 04:18 AM GMT
@mubay oh, THOSE gods – 04:22 AM GMT
@deathmtn to clarify, he pulled out the pretty stuff: trees, bushes, etc, but left the dandelions. then, a retaining wall became an issue. – 04:25 AM GMT
@deathmtn and his yard is my back yard and now the guy who complained about his neighbor’s eyesore yard to me is that, to me. sigh. – 04:27 AM GMT
@deathmtn if he had just stayed in bed all this could have been avoided. anyway. he’s still a friend, we’re going to a ball game this year. – 04:28 AM GMT
@manwhoyells – 04:56 AM GMT
@deathmtn a) no homeowners assoc. b) nope. – 02:36 PM GMT
@deathmtn dude, i obviously don’t go over to his house and cut his weeds down. possibly inadvisable of me to let off steam about it here – 06:17 PM GMT
@deathmtn it’s definitely inadvisable of you to instruct me on what opinions are proper regarding this, although you surely have the right. – 06:18 PM GMT
@deathmtn so i think we can agree that we should move on, yes? i mean it’s basically a case of people being wrong on the internet. no bigs. – 06:19 PM GMT
@deathmtn hugs and beers. – 06:20 PM GMT
@brownpau aw, dude! get better! – 06:25 PM GMT
i probably shouldn’t be excited that my terrible crime against HTML renders properly in the big four but I still am – 06:26 PM GMT
…and by properly I mean the way I want it to – 06:27 PM GMT
… and I am not talking about tweet digests – 06:27 PM GMT
@deathmtn what if it’s a secret sealed order mission from startfleet? – 11:01 PM GMT
@deathmtn @ElSaborAsiatico it can be an economic-class and/or ethnicity thing too. expectations differ, so it becomes a source of conflict. – 11:03 PM GMT