@deathmtn oh me the fuck too times infinity – 12:41 AM GMT
@mcgee_gorgo becoming? dude, that beer was practically endorsed by the sex pistols before I was 11. – 12:43 AM GMT
@manwhoyells ha ha. maybe I should pipe the tweet digests into tumbrl – 12:44 AM GMT
@gjcharlet i only hope you were wearing the apron. – 12:46 AM GMT
@ElSaborAsiatico WHAT? – 12:47 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm @BitterOldPunk BOP be ribbin yez. – 12:50 AM GMT
@mcgee_gorgo yes, but not far. Tacoma or Portland. Expect to. – 12:51 AM GMT
RT: @attackerman: Jersey time. Custom made at Yankee Stadium. #GameofThrones #GoT pic.twitter.com/Lr05zeZnTp – 02:04 AM GMT
my fave joint in chitown. chicago.eater.com/archives/2012/… – 02:07 AM GMT
on iOS @levarburton wait wait WHAT where when why – 03:01 AM GMT
ha ha they didn’t kill kenny – 03:33 AM GMT
@gjcharlet i’m almost surprised there was no hoodie. Good job, Mad Men dicks! – 03:36 AM GMT
SCDP coffeemugs. Hell yes. – 03:51 AM GMT
Peggy is quoting Brian Wilson? – 03:54 AM GMT
@billbarol i’m with you on this, Bill. – 04:00 AM GMT
RT: @jasongrote: SO HAPPY THIS EXISTS RT @shakeymike: Also, here is the Ken Cosgrove GIF we all ordered with our minds and hearts. i.imgur.com/giOntby.gif” – 04:04 AM GMT
Grandma Ida what? – 04:14 AM GMT
wooden spoon POV? are you SERIOUS? – 04:19 AM GMT
CHVEY – 04:22 AM GMT
I have no idea what just happened there. Don did take responsibility for a fuckup there, so there’s that. – 04:25 AM GMT
RT: @hodgman: I don’t want mom to buy my tumblr. – 02:01 PM GMT
@ftrain Delany! I love that book! It’s the secret key to “Dhalgren”! – 03:44 PM GMT
@ftrain sure is. since Dhalgren’s in an unnamed southeastern city I gaped to see it grew from Gotham. great call on Mad Men counterpoint. – 10:15 PM GMT
RT: @gedeon: Unboxing the ‘My First Computer’ LEGO set that arrived today from @actionfigured. So much fun! instagram.com/p/Zis5P_kqfZ/ – 10:47 PM GMT
@mubay huzzah! – 11:00 PM GMT
RT: @BitterOldPunk: Ray Manzarek, who produced and played keyboards on X’s “Los Angeles,” has passed away.#howichoosetorememberhim – 11:01 PM GMT
woah. great job, Flickr. – 11:05 PM GMT
Two clicks to local TV news coverage of OK tornado on KFOR. I forgot we live in the future. – 11:40 PM GMT
@hell0jed git ’em – 11:43 PM GMT
Tornadoes, yeah, um. Always tough for me. Suzy was just completely phobic when we kids. Always attribute it to this: mike.whybark.com/archives/00008… – 11:47 PM GMT
@hell0jed fair enough. my main input to you on this stuff is go for it and ask for what you want. even if you’re unsure about what that is. – 11:49 PM GMT
somewhere I have a Rainbo photobooth strip of me and Viv from, what, twenty years ago? That can’t be right. But it’s close. – 11:52 PM GMT