RT: @manwhoyells: @mubay new-aesthetic.tumblr.com/post/503441005… – 12:14 AM GMT
@jebbanner we’ve all seen The Postman, man – 12:15 AM GMT
@paulconstant how can you tell if you’re a brolancer? When your listicles drop. – 12:17 AM GMT
@pedantrix you live nearer the west coast. soft gee – 12:18 AM GMT
@djfood @arthurwyatt Art, this looks beautiful. I mean, considering the body count. Tut tut. – 12:20 AM GMT
@sugarfreak there’s a man making a face in that store – 12:21 AM GMT
what just happened? was there a tornado? I seem to have got shit done. Which, I, well uh – 12:28 AM GMT
@paulconstant I should totally split that up into ten secret tips slideshow – 12:51 AM GMT
attn @telemetrist // critique worthy of examination, I think nytimes.com/2013/05/14/tec… – 12:56 AM GMT
on iOS memory of watching an enormous sea lion and offspring pacing a distance swimmer back and forth, back and forth at Richmond Beach last year – 06:12 AM GMT
@mubay @manwhoyells i think we can blame caesar and the babylonians for date math. those fuckers. – 04:11 PM GMT
@mubay @manwhoyells i mean, sure, do your cow accounting by sealing seeds in little ceramic envelopes but BASE TWELVE? Come on! – 04:12 PM GMT
@gjcharlet oh man – 04:15 PM GMT
@baconmeteor i know, like how Carnegie suffered from philistinism, so he built libraries. – 11:13 PM GMT
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@jaubertmoniker @deathmtn reuse of the “hands as a knife” tomato smash bit from the ginsu ads – 11:18 PM GMT