it’s a rough life, but somebody has to do it – 01:25 AM GMT
@DanEngler my footbath! – 01:41 AM GMT
@wonderchicken for some reason I cannot resolve from a Seattle-area DSL LAN lately. Is it me? Maybe. – 05:37 AM GMT
@hell0jed MS just announced a UI rollback on Win8; was he down on it in HW or OS? – 02:04 PM GMT
.@phirephoenix chatball closure missed clicks/drags + higher ad density in newsfeed = higher ad clickthrough. it’s a clickspam mechanism. – 07:13 PM GMT
SCDP + CDC – (PG) + CH = SCDHCCC? SDHC4? + O? + C? – 07:25 PM GMT
@tclancy pixel schmixel – 07:26 PM GMT
@sambosambo @gjcharlet @vacapinta ha ha ha – 07:43 PM GMT
@gjcharlet @CocoGoesOut SCDPHCCCGC – 07:46 PM GMT
@gjcharlet @CocoGoesOut I mean SCDHCCGO – 07:46 PM GMT
@gjcharlet @CocoGoesOut argh no I mean SCDHCCCO – 07:52 PM GMT
I have emerged from the monthlong horror that is loading a skubase into ebay for store listing. The horror of styling the listings awaits. – 11:04 PM GMT
Perhaps a refreshing dip into Lovecraft. With a Kierkegaard sidecar, maybe. – 11:07 PM GMT
@ezrakilty time travel? – 11:09 PM GMT
Japanese pro baseball promo. Friday, Baystars vs Eagles. Eagles based near Fukushima; joking implication: monsters. – 11:37 PM GMT
Full disclosure: Rakuten Eagles fan. Both amused and horrified. – 11:38 PM GMT