@arthurwyatt due the all-grey dazzle camo my brain made some sort of Geiger set design out of that at first. It’s this infernal heat. – 12:01 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt SKY: BLUE (color of television tuned to dead channel) – 12:03 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm gotta be the short guy – 12:04 AM GMT
geez, this weather is crazy – 12:05 AM GMT
@ezrakilty are you moved? or in a tiny box experiencing solar energy’s limitless potential? – 12:16 AM GMT
repeated eye trouble in the juncture of recovering one’s drawing and painting hand is a thing which sucketh and provoketh trepidation. – 12:19 AM GMT
@ezrakilty ah! our suburban excursion includes a dug basement. Very handy. I have installed a projection room, via dumpster. – 12:21 AM GMT
@poupou yesterday was a good day for that – 03:51 PM GMT
@gjcharlet dude! – 05:09 PM GMT