It’s time to air Cooper Union’s dirty laundry… – 12:10 AM GMT
@DanEngler no fault of its own. oldreader would be the best, if it were reliable. Newsblur’s halfbaked app is a case study in good enough. – 12:25 AM GMT
@DanEngler but it is the *only* app. and it’s… ok. so, kudos to them. The dev asked me for some use cases even. Of course, I’m a lazy user. – 12:27 AM GMT
For example, that share misleads. You’d think that tweet was my comment on said story. It’s not; that’s the originator’s title. I hate this. – 12:30 AM GMT
@ElSaborAsiatico are you *sure* it’s your sock? maybe your jeans contain the sock wormhole. – 12:32 AM GMT
@ElSaborAsiatico shake ‘em out! – 01:07 AM GMT
The Laumann Galactopedia – 02:47 AM GMT
“Sarek”, TNG s03. Woah. I remember liking it a lot but having older parents makes it pretty amazing. Geez. – 03:56 AM GMT
@mubay you fundamentally misunderstand every single thing about this. – 02:33 PM GMT
@mubay the mystery of Broadway Musicals explained. Something which has etc etc turns out to be a CIA sham.… – 02:38 PM GMT
@phoebenorth on the fence – 03:27 PM GMT
@phoebenorth i don’t think I’ve been yet but have never heard a bad thing about projection quality. our rewatch is at end of s03, too. – 03:30 PM GMT
@middleclasstool nobody goes there anymore; it’s too crowded – 10:15 PM GMT
MAN THINGS IV: chainsaw fail. chain unseated; had to take bar off to fix. retaining bolt, swallowed by engine cowl. Have to disassemble. – 10:17 PM GMT
@BitterOldPunk it would help with the overload of man stuff around here lately. GTG get burgers for the grill BRB – 10:22 PM GMT