@anildash user-optin plugin. kickstater that, stat. – 02:18 AM GMT
@matthewbaldwin /flings stuff – 02:19 AM GMT
RT: @gen: “Amazon is held together by adrenaline, spreadsheets and people running around like crazy.” bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/04/08/one… – 02:21 AM GMT
@whybark my bad, sorry – 02:39 AM GMT
Finally getting up on Mad Men. Opening sequence at the Royal Hawaiian? Viv & I had our 15 year anniversary dinner overlooking that stage. – 03:09 AM GMT
Saw a huge meteor stripe the sky down west over Mauna Loa. A good night. – 03:10 AM GMT
Mauna Loa? Diamondhead, anyway. – 03:12 AM GMT
outrage. OS X sleeps, loses resolution sensing. The fuckers. THE FUCKERS. – 03:33 AM GMT
RT: @arstechnica: Google mines Frommer’s Travel for social data, then sells the name back ars.to/10SA5tT by @MeganGeuss – 03:34 AM GMT
RT: @TokyoReport: 3 Patriot missiles deployed in Tokyo sns.mx/w31wy9 – 03:38 AM GMT
Script doctor sez: PFC Dinkins gonna get whacked in ‘Nam holding Don’s lighter, leading to investigation. – 04:16 AM GMT
@surlygourmand killjoy. commie beatnik hippy. – 05:07 AM GMT
RT: @manwhoyells: @mwhybark steeev – 05:07 AM GMT
@surlygourmand you and sally’s mama make goulash in a dirty pot off St. Mark’s place. If you know what I mean. – 05:13 AM GMT
RT: @_py: the patriot missile batteries currently deployed in tokyo are on my commute route. maybe i’ll get to see a launch on my way home! – 06:37 AM GMT
@manwhoyells /slap – 06:37 AM GMT
tod corm! noted, useful, will be empoloyoed! – 06:49 AM GMT
For eccentric book-lovers with beards and cats mwhybark.newsblur.com/story/for-ecce… – 07:12 AM GMT
re mac os x 10.8.3 rez on sleep issues: discussions.apple.com/thread/4896422… (tl;dr, try zapping PRAM) (THE FUCKERS) – 02:22 PM GMT
XMBC: updated. Broken addon: patched. Cats: indoors hiding from rain. Dog: competing with cats for petting. – 02:32 PM GMT
@anildash right. Hire a sociopath and an aspergery genius and you’re good to go. – 02:34 PM GMT
@manwhoyells Pseudo RAM – 03:39 PM GMT
@mubay zapping PRAM – 03:40 PM GMT
I’m gonna zap some PRAMgot my static strap in my socketI – I – I’m hunting, looking for a tech notethis fucking drives me crazy – 03:45 PM GMT
Reboot while holding down keys Cmd-F-U. – 03:49 PM GMT
Try reseating VRAM. – 03:50 PM GMT
Flip machine over twice to dislodge sticky bits, should unbind DNS and release the boot block so HD cylinders can spin up. – 03:54 PM GMT
Carefully use nylon putty knife to ssh through clickwrap, releasing USB hub latch. Insert shim. – 03:58 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt oh for – 09:05 PM GMT