@madamjujujive insert some sort of nonsensical Berezovsky assassination tie-in theory here. Hm, isn’t @Horse_ebooks a Russianish sockbot? – 12:05 AM GMT
ALSO I GOT THE FREAKING GIG WOOOOO and my bright blue electric mando came back and it’s sunny and I filed our taxes. – 12:07 AM GMT
bright flash from outside coincides with radio static, no bang, signal resumes immediately, no loss of wifi or internet. hm. – 12:12 AM GMT
@madamjujujive good point. – 12:17 AM GMT
RT: @madamjujujive: @mwhybark we should stop talking about the russian bots now. We’ve been warned. – 12:18 AM GMT
@madamjujujive it explains the flash. – 12:18 AM GMT
neat! mwhybark.newsblur.com/story/ombu-mov… – 12:34 AM GMT
@deathmtn I added a client to my biz for whom I will be launching a presence on a well-known online retail site. NDA sez shh. – 12:41 AM GMT
@hell0jed where you at? I don’t see you. – 01:46 AM GMT
Huh, TNG s3e11, aired in 1990, is about PTSD, give or take. – 02:17 AM GMT
@hell0jed I’m at the taco bell – 02:44 AM GMT
Georange pic.twitter.com/zQZW7RJPBY – 02:47 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt oh oh me too: him name is Georange. pic.twitter.com/EEQ8tGcJtz – 03:59 AM GMT
@mwhybark @arthurwyatt (color corrected, see) – 04:00 AM GMT
self collage pic.twitter.com/t4xN57YeRU – 07:31 AM GMT
Photoshop Touch on iOS March 26, 2001 pic.twitter.com/eBxSed9JWl – 04:43 PM GMT