You know, staying out until 2am is hard these days – 12:28 AM GMT
RT: @warrenellis: The excellent Alex Cox is Kickstartering a film adaptation of Harry Harrison’s BILL THE GALACTIC HERO – – 12:29 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @mcgee_gorgo @JohnBlackWriter he’s lying, there is no autumn here. Just wet season, dry season. Dry season is AWESOME: no bugs. – 12:31 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt @mcgee_gorgo @JohnBlackWriter indeed it is! But we rarely get a leaf change: the rain comes, and down they go. – 12:39 AM GMT
.@jkonrath damn straight. Last road trip we did I was all, “let’s get on the road by 6am,” in time-honored dad parody. Then we actually did. – 01:33 AM GMT
Springing “Cosmos” on the wife tonight. Awww yeah. – 01:34 AM GMT
.@mcgee_gorgo He is the passenger (used for Capatin Morgan ads in international markets, dunno abt US) and he rides, rides and rides – 01:36 AM GMT
Me: “We’ll be watching some special romantic TV tonight.” Her: “What? I can’t hear you over the dishwasher.” Stand back! Still got it. – 01:40 AM GMT
Looking for my knit turtleneck. – 01:41 AM GMT
Pennyloafers? Birkies? Flipflops? Huaraches? Life is made of choices. – 01:42 AM GMT
Gettin’ some haberdashery tips. – 01:44 AM GMT
@esinclai @azender turtlenecks. burgundy turtlenecks and butterscotch cord blazers. – 01:50 AM GMT
RT: @whybark: Lewiston, ID was the smallest town in America to have a professional baseball team. Reggie Jackson played for the Lewiston Broncs in 1966. – 01:53 AM GMT
RT: @esinclai: Only now when I cannot go, do I learn that The City & The City was adapted for the stage, and in town:… h/t @xymboulos – 01:55 AM GMT
@esinclai whut – 01:55 AM GMT
ah, bliss. Tweetbot mute blocks retweet originator, not retweeter. – 01:57 AM GMT
@mwhybark er, “tweet originator,” that is – 01:57 AM GMT
observation: Walking Dead generates timeline discussion as it airs, Game of Thrones (or anything else really) does not. – 01:59 AM GMT
@maireadcase @kcfennessy I love sedgwick, tchaicowsky, and skulls, and have no idea what is being discussed or referenced even after reading – 02:01 AM GMT
In credits to first episode of “Cosmos” was the name Rick Sternbach. Dr. Sagan’s camel cords and bucks? Source for NCC-1701D beige. Obvs. – 03:38 AM GMT
.@arthurwyatt it was the seventies. only after generations of evolution have we come to today’s wide acceptance of bondage trousers. – 04:26 AM GMT
@gjcharlet it’s important to model dawdling effectively. – 11:51 AM GMT
@mubay graduated pressure sensitivity – 05:52 PM GMT
i wonder if there’s an iOS clone of MacPaint – 05:56 PM GMT
@mubay otoh the right time to buy a new computer is always right now. – 06:07 PM GMT
The first sunny day hearabouts over 55 degrees fills the streets with people wearing silly grins. Gotta love that. – 11:53 PM GMT
@madamjujujive dunno. there has been a LOT of varying bot activity on Twitter this past month, guessing a bot farmer is trying diff things. – 11:57 PM GMT
RT: @TheOldReader: Thanks to your generous donations we were able to order some new servers that will be with us later this week! – 11:57 PM GMT
RT: @TheOldReader: New servers will help processing import queue and fasten thing up. Thank you, each and every one, you are awesome! – 11:57 PM GMT
@madamjujujive god damn robots taking work away from honest manual spammers – 11:59 PM GMT