I haven’t been staying up late to catch NBP games for a month or two, but happened to notice an interleague game between Rakuten and Hanshin was slated for 2, Japanese time, I thought I’d see if I could catch it. I managed to find a feed in the bottom of the first, and the game is in the seventh inning break, Eagles leading, 10-4.

I think. For some reason the feed is now showing commercials over booth chatter, no ad audio, the stadium chants behind the announcers.

Anyway, every time I find one of these NPB streams I am amazed anew that it is so trivial to find a random realtime TV broadcast originating so far from where I watch.

One of the surprises for me tonight was looking at the Eagles’ standings – they are often kind of a bad team, and their most effective pitcher, Masahiro Tanaka, has been on the DL for a while. So noting that the team is third in the Pacific League and in a three-way tie for third in interleague play came as a surprise!