i think maybe i can stick that snow shovel in the shed finally. first (well, second) day on the porch in 2012.

I worked upstairs instead of my NOC today, watching a pirate feed of the NPB – MLB Mariners – Giants game that was held at 3:00 am Seattle time in Tokyo. I looks like some of the refeeders in Japan that offer reflectors of their NPB stuff are beginning to timeshift so we gaijin can sleep every now and then.

I *think* the Ms v As season openers should be available as archived out of market games during daylight hours via MLB.tv, but it is not at all clear. I know that the local Mariners cable affiliate will be covering the games live and then replaying it at a more convenient time locally; it’s not clear if they will be able to apply special embargo rules to the game or not.

I guess it doesn’t really matter that much, since it seems unlikely I will summon up the gumption to try to watch the games live.

I did actually think about staying up until 3 (er, 6) to watch the M’s game. There is some symmetry in the notion that I would get up absurdly early on my birthday to watch a spectacle involving sports stadiums, as that is what I did twelve years ago.

On that date, the Kingdome was imploded, very early in the morning. so we had my birthday party starting at 4am, if i recall correctly. Maybe it was starting at 3.