a fine kickoff to the grilling season this afternoon in the company of Danelope and Viv.

I spent the day doing more-or-less heavy yardwork, repairing overwintered gopher mounds and mixing soil and the like. I accomplished all of my primary goals, including reseeding the potato beds and getting a jump on hosework.

Unsurprisingly, there are hose deficiencies i must yet address, but in general, with one weekend of tidying, I am ahead of where I was last year at the same time.

After Dan left I was pleased to find a relay stream of the Oakland A’s at the Hanshin Tigers in the Tokyo Dome and settled in to watch that. The Tigers dismantled the A’s, 12-5 (or was it 6?).

The Mariners play the Yomiuri Giants in about three hours at the same venue, at 3:00 am our time. I think I will skip it but have yet to decide. I suppose I will set an alarm.

As of right now I am a lot less sore than I think I should be. Hopefully tomorrow I will creak and snap like old timber. If I do not, I would take that as mild cause for worry.