Chili down for the pre-cook. The recipe I selected was of interest specifically for its’ dogged avoidance of namby-pamby Frenchified flavor-building practices, can be simplified thus:

Add ground beef to about half the beef’s volume of water. Dump some spices and chopped onions in. Boil for a couple of hours.

I will be tasting and adjusting the spicing, but in the end declined to pproceed as I would have if faced with the same ingredients and flavor goal on my own. No staged addition of spices to browning meat, no carmelization of onions: chili, fifty years ago, was a food designed to be cooked by busy men for other busy men, in large quantities and with a minimum of fuss.

I do imagine remaking the chili in my normal manner, once I’ve sample the recipe. But tomorrow night, youse can call me Cookie.