Cringely takes a second look at the Apple-Intel deal and thinks he sees a video pod in the future. Of course, he would, having just announced his podcast-like video series, NerdTV, but you know what? I think that’s what’s behind the addition of podcasting to the iTunes Music store. Podcasting is the dry run for video-on-demand, for reals this time. The differences and usability issues between providing two-track time-based media and multi-track time-based media is negligible.

Do I see a vPod down the line? Well, no, and neither does Bob – he makes his patented absurd prediction by positing a retinal-scan headset as the playback device for the vPod, which is just silly, although it would be kinda cool. I can easily visualize Apple setting up to contro; the market for distribution of video on demand and letting others – such as Intel – bear the burden of entering the low, low, low profit margin world of video components.

I’m thinking, I’ll hold off on any television technology purchases for a few years.

In fairly unrelated news, I ordered a refurb Airport Express from the Apple Store online when my second original Graphite Airport BS croaked last week and once again, Apple beats their own TOS. Free shipping within five business days, they said – the item shipped the day after I ordered and is sitting on my coffee table this evening.