… and here we go. deep breath. – 01:59 AM GMT
… and that went well! – 04:39 AM GMT
@hell0jed that pretty much locks you into a rustbucket camaro then. excellent! – 04:46 AM GMT
@poupou yep! sibcount: 0 to sibcount: 3 in two hours. at least I think it’s three. I wrote down three. I hope I didn’t, like, dysnumerate – 04:48 AM GMT
@poupou she seems committed to a meeting. trying to figure out the socially graceful way to say “hello, new siblings” on FB. – 05:05 AM GMT
Apparent sibling interest commonalities: computers, space, star trek, archaeology, history, art. So: promising. – 05:06 AM GMT
@poupou going DM here – 05:07 AM GMT
@poupou ha ha ha NO – 05:07 AM GMT
@LeVostreGC do satellite of love next – 07:27 AM GMT
@sumit thank you! lots to process. – 07:29 AM GMT
HELL YES! No human DNA patentability! – 04:02 PM GMT
@esinclai wonder how and if this affects Humira. No big thrashing in ABBV stock value, so maybe not at all. – 05:33 PM GMT
RT: @musicalfam: HUGE announcement: MFT is now fully compatible with mobile devices, AND it’s responsive! That’s right, you can… fb.me/2GJbGjEhY – 08:04 PM GMT
@musicalfam woohoo! great news! – 08:05 PM GMT
RT: @TrevorBramble: INSANE CLOUD POSSE – 11:36 PM GMT
@poupou @agent_cooper @wasta @Woollybear isn’t that what it’s for? loosening unused brain tissue? – 11:38 PM GMT