@sugarfreak those sunzabeewords – 03:59 AM GMT
@sleepbotzz it’s more helpful, really. Like Philippine jitney art, it tells us “here is unlicensed public transport”. – 04:23 AM GMT
@manwhoyells jealous – 06:20 AM GMT
@DanEngler IRAs all the way down – 06:32 AM GMT
Interrupted by nontweetable life event on way to buy gear for partially disabled dog this afternoon and just now coming up for air – 06:33 AM GMT
Among other things, I have learned there is a $124 dog harness marketed as being for taking your dog rock climbing. – 06:34 AM GMT
Unsurprisingly, this accoutrement is not shelf-stocked by local retailers. – 06:35 AM GMT
Nor according to the reviews is it used for rock-climbing. Instead, as it has a handle over the dog’s tail and seems to be the only one … – 06:36 AM GMT
It is used, and widely beloved, to help paralyzed, injured, and amputee dogs accomplish day-to-day climbing and mobility tasks. – 06:37 AM GMT
I give you the Ruffwear Doubleback: ruffwear.com/DoubleBack-Har… – 06:39 AM GMT
@DanEngler #PRISMception? – 06:40 AM GMT
@DanEngler yeee – 06:41 AM GMT
@poupou a hundred twenny fouwah dolla duffle bag! it’s that butt handle I want so I can grab before he tips over. Tail’s ok i guess – 07:09 AM GMT
@poupou OMG, you wouldn’t know, huh? He had bone cancer in his left rear leg, kept busting it. had to take it off. Looks like a cured ham. – 08:13 AM GMT
@poupou less so now with the stitches out. He’s happier, clearly less pain. but amputee follies and foibles a plenty. twitches, tumbles. – 08:14 AM GMT
@poupou ghost limb stuff, including what is probably phantom pain sometimes. we ask, but he lacks the vocabulary. – 08:15 AM GMT
RIP GSV Iain Banks. – 04:43 PM GMT
@manwhoyells we love it, but we’re overly sluggish. best year we got out i think six times, once every three weeks over the season. – 04:44 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt crow botherer – 04:44 PM GMT
RT: @cultureshipname: GOU: Farewell, Old Friend – 04:46 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt then, the black helicopters come – 04:46 PM GMT
attn @telemetrist ffffound.com/image/3d88b35e… – 05:03 PM GMT