@manwhoyells I like the LES chinese restaurants mixing in with the LES italian tourist joints, crunchy yet flavorful – 12:54 AM GMT
@billbarol where you live? remember the OJ trial? They just refueled in flight for one, two years. – 12:55 AM GMT
made awesome prawn paella, baked bread, and now i don’t want to eat or think about food. bummer. – 03:28 AM GMT
“@sumit: SoundCloud on Sonos > bit.ly/1bgavSH < grazie mille @rahims” attn @esinclai – 02:56 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt (think Brian Blessed, you’ll be fine) – 03:04 PM GMT
@scalzi @arthurwyatt @Paul_Cornell four hearts one love – 04:18 PM GMT
RT: @edinblack: No joke, comment thread: Patriot Act was GREAT until a black ‘Muslim’ got his hands on it: bit.ly/14nW5Q7 #NSA #PRISM #surveillance – 04:40 PM GMT