@pauljholden @Stephen_Mooney @declanshalvey @arthurwyatt good to see it’s the proper edition – 02:31 AM GMT
Possibly inadvisably, rereading the James Blish TOS adaptations for the first time in many, many years. – 03:25 AM GMT
Flashes of brilliance. In “Miri,” the grup-killing infection is described as “fecund bacteria strongly resembling spirochetes”. – 03:28 AM GMT
So deadly illness of the adolescent onlies is not simply hormone poisoning, but space syphilis. Anticipating modern STD fic by a decade. – 03:31 AM GMT
@johnpstrohm you’re gonna brush your teeth with it? – 05:46 AM GMT
@marikamalaea my buddy Paul’s son Paisley in now in his 30s, if I have his birth year right. – 04:52 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt teleporting pieces feature in shogi, although the therm used for the move is different. add’l piece, “general,” like 1/2 queen. – 04:58 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shogi // sdin.jp/en/browser/boa… – 05:00 PM GMT
@marikamalaea Paul is a minor rock star and the name reflected his burgeoning interest in psychedelica when the kid was born. I think. – 05:01 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt i’m nearly sure i’ve seen a swordfight break out during a shogi match in a movie, but can’t lay hand to link – 05:05 PM GMT
@marikamalaea given the abuse of the term in employment descriptions, should clarify I mean of the recording and performing musician variety – 05:10 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt one true future chess! feh at your circle-board claymation space smuggler chess, a cartoon for moisture farmers and ape-canids! – 05:12 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt (I built a tri-d board in shop class in 6th grade. it was terrible and didn’t work right) – 05:13 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt can’t find a screen cap, but they took the top and bottom man boards off the stand, and put them on the table – 05:18 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt and left the attack boards attached to the main boards. the stand is on the table behind the board. – 05:19 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt …apparently to get a low angle shot and retain visibility to the chess pieces. Sums things up! Symbology over substance. – 05:21 PM GMT