@BitterOldPunk wave at ’em with the martini shaker – 12:21 AM GMT
@DanEngler his diagnoses via DOG NOSES. The dog knows. – 12:28 AM GMT
@brownpau what? can’t hear you over the sireens – 12:29 AM GMT
@mubay I remember drawing and redrawing and redrawing that first one-point perspective logo – 06:35 AM GMT
@manwhoyells whadya spect? – 06:45 AM GMT
Naked City Brewery adding beer garden in parking lot phinneywood.com/2013/05/31/nak… – 07:10 AM GMT
on iOS @manwhoyells @DanEngler manny and I are moving in across the street if they get decent speed on the wifi – 07:15 AM GMT
will bring trees – 07:16 AM GMT
Met this awesome maybe whippet Jack Russell mix tonight, Captain America. Smart sweet and as shaky as an Italian Greyhound. – 07:18 AM GMT
@manwhoyells correct! new office. – 03:04 PM GMT
RT: @jayrosen_nyu: Maybe the lowest, meanest and all-around worst case of pack journalism ever: the Gary Webb story. bit.ly/12W9coy via @dankennedy_nu – 04:05 PM GMT
@arthurwyatt have autographed copy of Dark Alliance. saw him speak. When the Merc disavowed him, I started giving up on US news sources. – 04:07 PM GMT
Grrr now I’m mad about Gary Webb again after all these years. At least now I have a reason to feel schadenfreude as the big papers dwindle. – 04:12 PM GMT
hoo boy looking for an example of gary panter and matt groening’s early ‘fuk boys’ comic? a hint: google image search is not your friend. – 04:58 PM GMT
RT: @danharmon: Returning to Community, Day One: Hiring of directors hindered by an apparent promise from Sony to Jason Alexander. My deal: not yet closed. – 05:05 PM GMT
@johnpstrohm Freda looks like Freda. You appear menacing. Juliana does not, to me, look like Juliana, but what do I know. – 05:06 PM GMT
@nathanrabin @mcgee_gorgo I was in a band w/ a guy that did this. still inhabits the persona. He’d take exception to the resemblance, tho. – 08:31 PM GMT
@nathanrabin @mcgee_gorgo this guy: ponderosastomp.com/music_more/158… – 08:32 PM GMT
@DanEngler that’s DRUM SCHOOL to you mister – 08:54 PM GMT
@manwhoyells @DanEngler I hear that guy’s gonna do weekly drum circles at the beer garden – 09:03 PM GMT