@phoebenorth @arthurwyatt we are on the internet-delay viewing plan – 12:06 AM GMT
RT: @lorenacupcake: the wrong time to watch rock and roll high school is pretty much never – 12:11 AM GMT
“@EnglishHeritage: A private triumphal arch celebrating a public victory #landmarklisting ow.ly/jFt96” attn @arthurwyatt – 12:13 AM GMT
RT: @billbarol: Hey hive mind: What’s the one burger place/sandwich place/coffee shop/bakery a person ought to make an effort to get to in Chicago? – 12:27 AM GMT
“Yesterday’s Enterprise.” Awww yeah. – 02:00 AM GMT
“This war isn’t supposed to be happening” EFF YES – 02:07 AM GMT
How can such a flawed episode be so much better than all but one of the films? – 02:19 AM GMT
Nearly every protagonist’s action is by a female character; Picard’s accession to Giunan (Gynan, FFS) is an act of fealty. Fuck yes. – 02:22 AM GMT
This episode blew my mind, drove me crazy because of the script flaws, and totally convinced me that TNG was the best thing ever. Still true – 02:25 AM GMT
@ob1quixote ha! yes, that move was awesome. still. – 03:11 AM GMT
@arthurwyatt the pot laws only apply to grups yo – 03:15 AM GMT
Viv looks over as episode ends, notices I’m crying. Complete spit take, followed by goggle. Hope the marriage survives. – 03:20 AM GMT
@VictorMourning …but then, we think of the 1970s Narnia adaptation and worry – 04:49 PM GMT
RT: @VictorMourning: This could be very tasty: BBC to Adapt ‘Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell’ as Mini-Series tinyurl.com/coung77 – 04:49 PM GMT
Paul McCartney at Safeco in July. Hm. Implies a hometown Sirvana bit, I would think. – 10:45 PM GMT