Paul and Ken lost their friend, Mike Wolf, last night. So Long, My Friend is Paul’s post on the topic. Ken is thus far mum has an appreciation up as well. Condolences to all affected.

I did not know Mike, nor did I read his stuff, despite both of these gents urging me to do so. Today I learn he loved Elvis Costello, as do I. I’ll think of Mike the next time I butcher “Alison.” It may not be “Battered Old Bird,” but it’s what I got.

As it happens, Mr. McManus once performed a tune with lyrics penned by one Wm Shakspur. Forgive me for quoting it.

Come Away, Death

Come away, come away, death
And in sad Cyprus let me be laid
Fie away, fie away, breath
I am slain by a fair cruel maid
My shroud of white stuck all with you
O prepare it
My part of death no one so true
Did share it

Come away, come away, death

Not a flower, not a flower, sweet
On my black coffin let there be strewn
Not a friend, not a friend, greet
My poor corpse where my bones shall be thrown
A thousand thousand sighs to say
Lay me over
Sad true lover never find my grave
To weep there

Come away, come away, death

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